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STOP ID Tracking Tag

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Secure equipment in a portable world?
Unreal? The unique STOP (Security Tracking of Office Property) system makes security a reality.

Every day, some 2,000 computers are stolen or lost. The number is growing at the rate of 25 percent per year. What can you do? Security experts agree that theft deterrence is the most important and cost-effective step you can take in preventing a very costly problem.

STOP plates stop theft before it happens.
With STOP's tamper-proof security plates, your company can enjoy the same 90 percent reduction in equipment losses that over 2000 companies using the STOP system worldwide enjoy today. And, the STOP security plate offers you more than that!

STOP returns lost equipment straight to your door.
FBI studies have shown that 97 percent of unmarked machines are never recovered. STOP tags act not only to deter theft, they link your equipment to our worldwide tracking and retrieval service. When your company loses a piece of equipment, we work with the local police, the FBI, and INTERPOL to track it down. And, once STOP locates it, STOP takes care of returning it to you.

STOP plates track all of your equipment for you.
The STOP plate goes even further. While preventing equipment loss is crucial, keeping track of all your company's equipment on a day-to-day basis is just as important. The barcode built into STOP security plates is the heart of this simple, cost-effective asset tracking system, based on Microsoft Access.

STOP System Overview

The simple solution you can't afford to be without.
STOP's unique, tamper-proof patented plate, with its barcode and indelible tattoo, offers you a simple, inexpensive solution to three major problems associated with overseeing your office equipment:

  • Theft Prevention:
    STOP plates, and the permanent tattoo they leave on your equipment, act as a highly effective theft-deterrent by providing unmistakable proof that equipment is police traceable and/or stolen. Resale of stolen items marked with our system is virtually impossible. Result? Equipment that would have "disappeared" before is returned, not resold.
  • Equipment Recovery:
    STOP plates link your lost equipment to STOP's exclusive international tracking database and recovery system, accessible 24-hours a day via world-wide toll-free telephone support.
  • Asset Tracking and Inventory Control:
    STOP plates are imprinted with a scannable barcode, allowing you to automatically track all marked items. Using STOP's hand-held scanner and our network-ready, customizable asset tracking software, it becomes remarkably simple to locate and maintain equipment inventory.

Ordering Info

Security Plates*

Quantity Price/Unit
1-9 $ 25.00
10+ $ 15.00
300+ $ 11.00
500+ $ 8.75

*Price includes: Unlimited use of the Anti-Theft Hotline, the Retrieval Hotline and Recovery Service.

Register online for instant security.
Once you receive your STOP security plates, you can protect your equipment immediately by taking advantage of our simple
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